Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gigi's Dream Girl.

Finally, someone who is eager to discuss succulents!

A funny story: this morning Tim was in our bedroom getting ready for his day, and I was puttering around in the living room. Both of us assumed that the other parent was busy parenting, and then we heard some jazzy tunes coming from the office. We met in the hallway and realized that our clever little spitfire of a daughter had climbed up onto the bench, turned on the keyboard, pressed the button that plays some pre-recorded music, and was jamming out.

Which brings me back to our family motto: always, safety first.

She has also taken to getting herself out of bed in the mornings, half the time. She scoots down past her baby railing, lays on her belly and scoots down until her feet hit the pile of pillows (which we put there for just such a dismount.) Thankfully, she can't QUITE open the door yet. Getting bigger and naughtier by the day!

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