Tuesday, September 6, 2016

School Aged Children.

I DID IT YOU GUYS! I survived long enough and raise my kids old enough to send them to school! I HAD TWO WHOLE HOURS TO MYSELF!

As expected, Adam was a dream boat about going to preschool. I did not make him a sign at home (because somehow it doesn't feel as real as regular school. I mean, I can keep him home or switch schools or do whatever I want, since I'm paying for it) but at preschool they had cute little chalk boards if you wanted them.


He gave us a hug and a kiss, went into his classroom, and that was that. Put Lamby in his cubby, and apparently had a fun day! He made some art, his teacher said he was a good helper, and there were no tears at pick up either. During the three hours he was at school, Ellie and I went to the drugstore and bought some new mints, and then I dropped her off and went and got my hair cut, AND went to the grocery store, all by my lonesome. Cue very loud car sing alongs!

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