Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nothing I Can See But You When You Dance Dance Dance Dance


Dance classes have resumed around here. Ellie is back to doing ballet, because then she can do it with Lexi. Everything is more fun with your bestie!

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Ellie is the one with regular hot pink tights instead of delicate ballerina tights. How cute are they all?!?!

And because dance fun is not just something for five year olds, I am achieving a life long (or recent) dream and taking adult tap dance classes through the YMCA with my friend Lisa. We went to the preview class last night, and it was AMAZING. I know nothing, so we went over all of the very basics and tried to figure it out, and then at the end the instructor played some music and we did a tiny routine (like, four easy steps in sequence.) It was so awesome! I sweat like a hog, I made a ton of noise, and I had so much fun. I even tried to practice in the garage after the kids went to bed, because it makes me crazy that I didn't instantly pick up on the time step. Teacher's pet, practicing after class!


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