Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend.

A weekend of leisure, a weekend without sleep for our kids. Uff da. Friday night we went over to a neighbor's for a BBQ. Ellie and her friend Kayla are in the same class, so she was so excited to see each other TWO TIMES in one day. And Grayson had a really good toy dump truck that Adam basically adopted for the night. Ryan put in a great tree house over the summer, so the kids were climbing everywhere and chasing each other around while the parents ate and drank and had a good time. We didn't get home until 9:30, and the kids were covered in grass and grime, so we had to run them through the shower before we could plunk them in bed. And then of course, they were up early in the morning.

BUT! Not my problem, as Mimi had generously offered to take the kids overnight so that Tim and I could go and have a hot date (and lo, we did! We went out for dinner, some country line dancing, AND a night cap, because I refused to be home at 10pm if we didn't have to.) Meanwhile, at 10pm, the inmates had taken control of the asylum, and were not yet asleep at Mimi's house. Apparently, sometimes Adam needs to get up three times to go potty before bed. The excitement of a duffy boat ride could do that to anyone.

This is what it looked like fifteen minutes after we headed home. The lambs slept from before noon until after four pm. I finally woke them both up, and they were still tired and wonky. Sleep deprivation is like a hangover for babies. Just put them in front of the TV and offer them some greasy carbs.

We got them in bed early last night, and they slept in well enough today, but then we went over to our other neighbor's house for a Labor Day BBQ. Hot dogs, corn on the cob, and smores in their fire pit - what more could you want? The other parents were saying that they'd just skip nap that day, but we brought ours home at 3 and tucked them in for a little over an hour, and then it was a very quiet evening around here (more baby hangovers.) The good news is that we managed to get them showered, AND I trimmed and manicured all of their filthy little claws, plus trimmed the ends of Ellie's hair, so now everyone's fresh for a new week of school. Adam starts preschool in the morning! Four whole hours to myself every week - I don't even know what I'll do! (maybe nap! It's healthy for everyone!)

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