Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mixed Reviews.

Adam went and saw his first movie tonight in the theater! Our little pal Whitney has been desperate to see the new kids movie Storks, and so Sara Jo and I schemed that the dads could take all of the children, and she and I could then go on a hot date that did not involve telling people to sit down or shut up (except for our verbal abuse banter to one another.) It ended up perfectly - the kids and dads went to the giant movie theater, and we wandered around Pier 1 and TJ McMarshalls, and then got some ice cream and met them afterwards.

Tim reported that the kids were mostly good - did some talking and some wiggling, but no one had to be taken out or melted down. Then he handed me a bag of Starburst and said to hide them from Adam, because he'd already eaten more than his fair share. Tim made a joke about "I worried he was going to get sick."

The good news is he didn't get sick in the car. The bad news is that he was sitting on his bed, told me his tummy hurt, and then launched Starburst and popcorn on me like an absolute fountain. I ended up with my skirt full of puke, like a farmer's wife gathering eggs in her apron. It was vile. Plus then there's Ellie sobbing that she doesn't want to get sick, and Adam taking a pause and then going back for a second round. I managed to get us both in the shower while Tim cleared up the spills on the carpet, and thankfully he went to bed without any further mess.

So now Siskel and Ebert give the movie experience on thumb up, one thumb down.

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