Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Biscuit and the Little Girl Who Could Read.

One of the things that Ellie works on in kindergarten is "sight words." It's small, basic words that they expect her to recognize and not have to sound out. Small stuff like "look," and "we" and "the" and "a." You get the gist. We've been going over her sight word lists (because they get quizzed!) and I realized that if she could get all of those words, she was probably ready to tackle some of the very basic "I Can Read" books that we have - namely, the collection of a dozen or so very short Biscuit books that Gigi bought a million years ago. Sure, Ellie had them read to her a thousand times, but she hasn't look at them in quite awhile (making the possibility of her just reciting them to me very low) so today we gave her a book and asked her if she could read it to us, and she could! She read Biscuit and the Box (needed no help with the word box) and Biscuit and the Cat. I'm so proud of her! Reading is the very, very best - I can't wait to watch her take off.

As a memory, here's when she absolutely HATED Biscuit and the Frog for no particular reason:
(OMG, this is FOUR YEARS AGO.)

I am also amazed at her command of basic math. On Sunday after the Lions scored, I was despairing about the Packer game, and Ellie looked at the 20-34 score and said "mommy, it's okay. We're still winning by 14 points." I mean, I can barely do that math - I was so impressed!

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