Monday, May 2, 2016

Viva Mexico!

Lucky ducks Tim and I just got back from five days and four nights in Punta de Mita, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta.) Last year, friends of ours had bid on a stay in this fancy beachside house at a charity auction, and allowed us to buy our way in. We had five couples all together, all with kids around the same age, and all ready to leave them all behind and go party.

And it was great. And by party, I mean do absolutely next to nothing. Before we left, someone mentioned that the number one rule should be that no one would be required to do anything that they didn't want to do - no having to get up early, or come along on an excursion, or eat every meal together. I think that was a key thing to have going in, because my goal for the week was to relax and lay around like a fat American whale, beaching herself in Mexico.

We hired a chef to come for two dinners and two breakfasts, including the night we got there and the following morning, and that was amazing. Benny and Martin cooked beautiful, tasty food and took such good care of us - I could get used to laying by a pool with my friends while someone brings me a fresh made mango margarita. We drank a lot of beer, we had a dance party, we played card games, bananagrams and reverse charades (which was hysterical - highly recommend.)

We also spent one day at the beach (because the beach down from our house was rocky and not good for swimming or surfing, but nice to walk along while looking for beach glass, and the occasional dead puffer fish) and got paddle board lessons. The better athletes in the group were able to use the paddleboards to actually surf - I tried mightily but never caught a wave, but I did love the whole experience. Then we ended the evening with a nice meal in their restaurant, and told the waiters that it was Wes's birthday, so they brought out an insane surfboard covered in desserts. The boys also spent a morning fishing, which was mostly them sailing around and barfing, since they only caught one fish (but the chef turned it into ceviche for us!) The rest of the time was spent pool side, other than a trip out for dinner, and some minor tourist time buying presents for the kids the morning before we left. I really could not have asked for anything more. And it was a relief to know that my kids and cats were in good hands - I was more worried about Gigi than the kids.

Clearly, I am miserable.

The beach, just a short walk from our house

Dinner in progress

Bananagrams is serious business

A walk on the beach with my boyfriend

Uni Hat

Turns out, we still like each other a lot

"birthday" boy Wes and his insane desserts

I am an ideal vacation companion

Bruin colors, should have bought it. 

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