Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day, Part Two.

I hope you had a good Mother's Day. Or a good weekend, if you weren't doing much celebrating.

Did you have as much fun as Grizz?

what about Grandpa Jim? He certainly looks like he's having fun. 

But where are Gigi and Granny Janny?
Poor ladies, out in the street with some little urchins.

In all seriousness though, I think we all had a nice Mother's Day. I know I did. I got up late, and Tim and the kids made me coffee and hunter-gathered me a donut, which I ate in bed (spilled coffee on the comforter and crumbs down my shirt, so it was perfect.) 

Then my mom came over for lunch, and while Tim put the kids down for their naps, she and I went to a rock show. You may be thinking, well, what band did you see. But by rock show, I mean minerals and gems, which is to say that it was the most fun, nerdy thing in the world, because we bought a bunch of big rocks and cut slabs and geodes and basically had the best time ever marveling at how cool nature is. 

Adam loves Gigi's new big rock, and both kids REALLY loved smashing geodes with a hammer yesterday. Ellie is especially pleased because hers is the shiniest. 

Speaking of shiny, here's a preview of Ellie all dolled up for her dance pictures. So once again, we have the costume, we've paid for pictures (only so that we could get pictures of her and Lexi, which I think are more fun than just E by herself - lord knows she poses for enough pictures around the house) but we're not going to be in the recital. But don't worry - if you play Fixer Upper from Frozen, she's happy to bust out all of her moves. 

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