Monday, May 23, 2016

Card Sharks.

Ellie's teacher started teaching them how to play cards, as a way to work on numbers and colors and suits. So she got very into playing war, and has also been very into Go Fish, especially with Gigi and Grizz, with dumb assistant Rocky.

Grizz likes to be very virtuous about how he doesn't take advantage of Ellie showing her cards, unlike myself and Gigi, but he also has no problems with just cleaning her clock if he gets the chance. It's darling to see them all sitting together and having fun playing. I figured, since she understands Go Fish pretty well, maybe she'd enjoy playing Crazy 8s - plus it's more fun and takes a little bit longer than you're average round of Go Fish.

Turns out...
It's not her game

I know it's wrong to laugh at your weeping offspring, but it was also hilarious. She was so pissed that it wasn't her turn to "start" (aka change the suit) and she was really mad when she couldn't lay down all of her heart cards on one card, etc. Poor thing. Plus her hands are small - it's hard enough to hold five cards for Go Fish, let alone a fist full when you keep having to draw until you get what you need. Maybe when she's six.

Good news, she remains a fearless swimmy fish girl. On Saturday Tim took the kids to a friend's birthday party at Olivia's grandparents' amazing house. I was at a MOPS leadership training, so missed out, but when we met up with our friends that night at the CHOC gala, everyone seemed pretty impressed with E's swimming skills. I think people were mostly amazed that the kids were doing something other than crying? 

Mimi and Poppy were generous and gracious enough to take our kids for ANOTHER sleep over this month. We couldn't promise that we'd be home early, and Mimi said she'd rather then have the kids stay over night, which is fine with me, since the basic rule of thumb is the later you go to bed, and the more you have to drink, the earlier your kids will wake up. So, they woke up at Mimi's house, and I didn't roll out of bed until 10. It was great. The night at the Gala was great too! We were with three other couples, and had a fantastic time (other than some sobbing during the presentations, where they brought up a five year old boy who had survived cancer thanks to the work at CHOC.) 

Sara and Nicole are wearing flatter shoes, and I am wearing four inch heels with platforms. It's the only reason I don't look like an actual little person. But, I did get another chance to wear my over the top sequined gown. Note, the kick pleats at the bottom are really fun for swirling and twirling on the dance floor. Second note: it's spot clean only, which means I am trying to use a wash rag to get the DO and BO smell out of the armpits. I am a trash fire. 

We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out and relaxing, and cleaning the house (do I know how to have fun, or WHAT?) It was our last weekend before Overwatch, as it goes live at 4pm Pacific Time today. Can't wait to see how it goes! We are so, so proud of Tim.

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