Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The World Needs Heroes.

It's happened! Overwatch is finally, finally live! Tim has shipped a game at Blizzard Entertainment! After years on Project Titan, and then years of secrecy while Overwatch was being developed, now he's able to just bask in his successes. And thankfully, he even look us along for the ride!

The game went live a little after 4pm in California, having gone on sale at midnight GMT on the 24th (which is 4pm on the 23rd, our time.) Works out well for the developers because they've had the day to get ready, and they still have hours before bedtime, so it's not terrible if something goes awry. It was actually one of the best launches that Blizzard has ever had - very smooth for all involved.

We showed up at the office a little before 7 for dinner at the cafeteria. I assured Tim he didn't have to hang out with us in case things were hitting the fan, but everything was pretty relaxed and he was happy to help me lure the kids into eating their grilled cheeses. Then we brought the beautiful pan of scotcheroos that we'd made over to the office suite, as it has proven to be the favorite treat of the various nerds when we've brought treats to help everyone survive the long hours. 

(these are ones I made for the open beta launch, but you get the idea.)

We got to be there as the Conan O'Brian "Clueless Gamer" skit when live, so that was fun to sit and watch with all of Team 4. They were so excited! We were so excited!

You can watch the video HERE.

The kids snuggled up with Tim, and it felt like he was the QB who'd just thrown the winning pass at the Superbowl, and now got to cuddle with his babies on the field. It was such a good, fun energy, and I'm so proud of Tim, and all of the other buddies on the team. 

And as Tim will freely say, he's lucky to work in a toy factory. In fact, here he is with his boss last Friday, when they played hooky to look at the giant Trixie Doll (aka Tracer Action Figure) at Hollywood and Highland in LA.


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