Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Bit of a Fixer Upper.

We got Ellie's dance pictures back this week. I will just leave these here for you to squee over.

"That girl has a huge melon, and her shoes don't match the other dancers, Let's put her in the middle so we can disguise it."

My sweet little dancing bean

We also opted to do a "buddy picture" with Ellie and Lexi, because they're buddies. 
For reference, Lexi is ten days older, but her dad is not an abnormally tall human being. Ellie was so thrilled awhile back when she asked me who her first friend was, and I said Lexi, because they met when they were only a couple of weeks old, and I certainly didn't know anyone else with small kids, and Kristen was gracious enough to hang out with me, even though I was a total deer in headlights. And now, it seems like only yesterday that it was this:

And now here we are on the verge of kindergarten, and a big dance recital! (Lexi already has one under her belt, having not been a ballet school drop out at three, And of course, Ellie is missing this year's recital. Maybe in 2017!) (Ellie is the fat baby on the left, just FYI.)

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