Monday, May 16, 2016

Desert Rats.

This weekend Tim and I went out to Palm Desert for the wedding of one of my sweetest friends and former college roommates Annie, and her lovely new husband Brandon. Mimi and Poppy graciously agreed to take the kids overnight for us, and they had a blast as well. They went to the children's museum, they fed many a duck and duckling at the lake, they ate dinner on the golf course with their pets...

AND they even napped! And slept in and then woke up to pancakes (no rotten eggs this time.) Always nice when the small friends go easy on their grandparents.

Despite the heat, Tim and I had a great time at the wedding. It was so sincere and personal and beautiful - they got married out in front of city hall (Annie's dad was a city employee for many years, before passing from cancer several years ago) and then had the reception in the back yard of her childhood home. They had a mariachi band and make your own tacos and PLENTY of beer, both home brewed and brought by the other beer nerds for the bottle share. Don't you guys worry, I never miss a chance to be a jerk, so I picked up 80oz of Miller High Life (the champagne of beers, let me remind you, perfect for such a festive event) and brought 40 of it to the reception (the other 40 we drank in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle.) And you know what? Other people were delighted and drank it. Because sure, sometimes you want an IPA or a sour or a hearty stout, but sometimes you just want a smooth, domestic pilsner. Especially when you can buy those 40z for two bucks apiece at a gas station.

They had made lots of little seating areas (Brandon actually made the benches and the cushions) and there were candles everywhere. The DJ played some good songs, and there were TONS of cupcakes to eat (Tim and I may have eaten five between the two of us.) Annie is legitimately one of the smartest, most gracious, grateful, hardworking, considerate people that I know, and Brandon has a great spirit and such a kind heart - it felt so good to be there celebrating them, and partying with them.

Then the next day we didn't have to check out of the hotel until 12, so you know I laid in bed until 11:30.

We stopped at this place for lunch, but DISAPPOINTING, there were no antiques. New management, change your damn sign!

We had a nice night with Mimi and Poppy and Jake, who made a big pasta dinner to celebrate belated Mother's Day.
Please enjoy this shot of the artists at work. Ellie enjoys doing her art en plain aire like Monet. However, unlike Monet, she ordered her minions (aka Poppy and Jake) "less talking, more coloring." Oui oui!

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