Friday, April 1, 2016

Aquarium, Et Al.

A couple of months ago, when mom and dad were up in Long Beach, they got themselves a grandparents membership to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and this week, since the kids are on spring break, they had a grandparents day (after they picked up the kids, I promptly took my coffee and my book and got back into bed to finish both. Sweet, lazy freedom!)

The kids had an absolute blast! They saw sharks, they petted starfish, they had a picnic and played with their grandparents - a full day all around.

They reported that Ellie could have done another few hours looking and learning and touching, but Adam had hit his max and was crying and ready to go home, then promptly passed out in the car. It's hard to be three!

It's not hard to be Mike Mulligan though - while were on the play ground the other day waiting for Ellie to finish dance class, Adam spent probably twenty minutes using this little digger. Poor Judd just wanted Adam to come play with him, but Adam and Maryann had to dig faster and faster!

I wouldn't be surprised if the poor kid is having a growth spurt this week. He has been SO WHINY and at times straight up miserable. He complains about being tired, even though he's sleeping in and taking good naps, and he's had a couple of meals where he just sits down and eats like he's going to the electric chair (which is not often a thing that happens with Mr. Starvation Diet.) We had our friends over for pizza tonight since he got shut out on his birthday, and he spent a large portion of the evening curled up in my lap, too hungry to eat. He's a mess!

We had a really rocking dance party at the end of the night though, so you can't beat that. And then all of the kids melted down and cried on their way out the door. SUCCESS!

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