Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Internet Famous.

Would you like to spend seventeen minutes listening to Tim talk about the Overwatch netcode? WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK, HERE YOU GO.

Tim was nervous about having the video posted, because he makes the mistake of reading the comment sections on the internets, where all manner of trolls reside and spit venom. I mean, don't get me wrong, plenty of times people say nice things, but we all know how gross people can get from behind their computer screens. The good news is that the community was mostly excited about the developments that Tim and Phil discussed, but also, their comments about appearances made me laugh, such as "the guy on the left looks like a caricature of an English person, except that he doesn't have an accent" and "Blizzard is keeping up with a tradition of glorious facial hair." Or just straight up "check out those side burns!" Tim and I also laughed about he and Phil being compared to Muppets. Funny because it's true.

The other funny part is that I've known Phil since I was 18 years old, and we actually dated briefly in college but remained friends, and when he and Tim met in person, they realized that they used to play video games online against each other when they were in middle school and high school. Now they are best friends forever! (and his wife is awesome.) And most importantly, INTERNET STARS!

In other news, Ellie's cowgirl boots are beginning to fall apart. We bought them right before she turned four, and she's worn them most days since. She's got tennis shoes, she's got light up tennis shoes, she's got flats and flip flops, but her boots are her go-to shoes. I ran by Target while she was at school and picked her up a new pair in a bigger size, and when I showed her to them, she said she'd rather have pink than brown. I told her the Target by us didn't have pink, and I even took her to Boot Barn and we tried on some pink and brown ones, but no dice. In the end, she decided to keep the brown ones and just do a straight replacement. Welcome to the house, new boots. Old boots, you've been very, very good fish.

I probably shouldn't be showing you all this, because it's technically a secret, but check out this nutsy handshake my kids made up. Love those two.

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