Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy/Not Happy

How busy was this weekend? So busy that today Adam took a nearly four hour nap to catch up on all of the rest he missed, and still was yawning when bedtime came around tonight. 

Our big fun Saturday night was going to Dave and Busters for a party celebrating Emily and her father Arvie's birthday (it was a surprise for Arvie, which was really sweet.) We also got to meet darling new baby friend Walter, which is always great.

It may appear that all was well, but the poor kids melted down real early and we had to leave before cake, sobbing all the way out to the car. Oh, small children. Party animals, but in a "YOU ARE ACTING LIKE AN ANIMAL" way. Is there something that means a combo of party pooper and party animal? That's what they are.

Sunday morning/afternoon we hosted the whole family, who wanted to come over and meet Walter. He did some good sleeping when he first arrived, but finally woke up to get loved on by his cousins and all of his many aunties. 

It was a really nice day with everyone - relaxed and fun. Plus it was cousin Katie's birthday, so we had plenty of delicious Costco cake. Both kids climbed into her lap when it was time to blow out the candles, so helpful!

And then when most of the family went home, our friend-family came over for an Overwatch LAN party. 

Thanks Jake! The kids all played together, the gentleman did some gaming, and I laid on the couch and read a book. I wish I had taken a four hour nap today!

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