Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dress Up.

Earlier this week I accidentally stepped on Ellie's favorite head band and snapped it to pieces, so I promised her that we could go to Target and get her a new one. She picked out a three pack, and when the checker let us borrow her scissors to cut the head bands free, she immediately awarded one to Adam. Not pictured: she started cooing over how cute he looked, and then asked him to kiss her. He did, and then wiped his mouth and said "yuck." Meanwhile, when we were at Tim's office for dinner this week, he tried to kiss his friend Harold and Harold's dad on the mouth when we were saying goodbye. He's an affectionate kid, and also a gross boy.

In other costuming choices, we got our outfits for Ellie's dance recital this week. Sadly, she's missing the actual recital, but I already paid for the outfit, so voila. She's so cute that I can hardly stand it.

A rarely seen moment of calm and cooperation between my sons. Today I brushed both cats, and ended up with giant furballs that were bigger than softballs. I should put googly eyes on them and sell them on Etsy.

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