Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's Miller Time!

Grandpa Charlie and his lady companion Mary have been visiting for the past week, which has been really nice. The sweetest thing is that Adam goes racing into the house every day yelling "GRANDPA CHARLIE!" and then he throws himself at Grandpa and begins chattering a mile a minute. The other best part is that between Grandpa's hearing not being too great, and Adam's English not being so good, Grandpa doesn't catch most of what Adam says, but nevertheless, the love connection is strong.

We had a really sweet evening tonight, eating and spending time together relaxing in the back yard. We all sang and the kids danced, and even did a little limbo (the kids are dirty cheaters.)

It's also been nice to spend time with Mary, who is a very sweet soul. She has seven kids of her own and a whole passel of grandkids. On Friday when Ellie was over at Gigi's house after school, she and Mary made an easy chocolate cake recipe that Mary had brought with her. It was hilarious - as we were walking to school on Friday morning I said "Mary really know how to make cakes, because she has a ton of grandkids," and without missing a beat Ellie goes "yeah, but I'm her favorite." Whatever you say kid!

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