Sunday, April 3, 2016

Princess At The Castle.

Yesterday Princess Ellie and I were lucky enough to get invited to go to The Princess at the Castle Event at Kimberly Crest, a historic house out in Redlands. James is on the board, so he encouraged Pari and Mila to check it out, and we got to go along as their dates.

It was SUCH a cute afternoon. I mean, it's always great to be with Pari and Mila - I was joking with her that when we're together, I feel like I'm 18. Maybe 22 at the oldest, so it's weird that we have these little girls around who seem to think they belong to us. Thankfully the girls are SO CUTE together.

They had popcorn and pink lemonade and strawberry ice cream for the girls, and then tons of fun little activities. You could meet a slew of princesses, go fishing in the little fish pond, do a scarf dance, sit in the carriage, and do a princess adventure course that ended with getting a little bit of magic bestowed on you by the fairy godmothers. Ellie had an absolute BLAST!

One of Ellie's favorite parts was when all of the princesses got announced. They went through the house and got escorted by one of the Kimberly Juniors (sort of Junior League girls) who taught them how to walk gracefully and curtsy, and then as they came down the front steps, the herald announced "Princess Ellie, from the House of Ford." Ellie thought it was just about the best thing ever, and practiced that princess walk for the rest of the day. They also got nice little gift bags with a magic wand and some other little prizes.

She was a little sad that they didn't transform her into Princess Tiana, but she did get a lady bug painted on her face later, which is almost the same thing.

It was a really lovely afternoon, The grounds and house were gorgeous, and it was such a fun day with our darling princess girls.

Our silly, beautiful princess.

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