Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birthday Boy, Part II.

When we last left our newest three year old, he'd had his birthday compromised by his sister being a barfcicle.

The good news is that the rest of the day went smoothly, and the lack of party didn't seem to bother him one bit. Both kids took good naps, and when they woke up we headed down to the trail so they could ride their bikes with a little more space.

The kids put Uncle Jake to shame - they rode almost a mile there and back. Everyone took a digger but carried on, and it was hilarious to watch Adam look down to watch himself pedal and practice turning.

We had pizza with Tim, and scotcheroos and ice cream and whipped cream, PLUS a dance party, so a good celebration all around.

We spent Saturday relaxing and getting ready for Easter, and then had ourselves another fine celebration. The kids were moderately pleased with their baskets, but Ellie wished that the bunny had left eggs hidden all over the house. IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE. The good news is that there were eggs all out in front of Gigi's house when we went over! She'd warmed up the spa so we had a nice splash and float and then lunch and a little hike up to the top of the hill. The funniest part was mom pulled a weed out of the yard and offered it to Adam to eat, and he goes "oh, I dats not fir me. Dats gwoss. I don't wike stuff." Yeah, why would anyone like stuff!

There weren't a ton of little cousins at Mimi's house this year, so we made Uncle Jake play with the kids.

Please note, I went and tattled to Don that Jake wasn't wearing a helmet and he got in TROUBLE. It's fun to be the little sibling sometimes!

Today Ellie went with Mimi for a fun day and a sleep over... and Adam went to the doctor for his three year wellness visit. He's grown over four inches in the past year (still only in the 70th percentile) and is healthy as a horse. It's always a nice reassurance to be told that your babies are getting big right on schedule.

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