Friday, March 11, 2016

Trash Time!

HONK HONK! Big Truck Man Adam (and his dandy-wion) coming through! We got to tour Waste Management today with a group of ladies for MOPS, and Adam had a blast. He was so thrilled because our tour guide started by reading I Stink, which is one of his favorite books, and then we learned about all of the stuff we can recycle, and then when we were out in the yard, we got to actually watch a big truck dump its load, and then a bull dozer came and moved some garbage around. What more could an almost three year old, wanna-be trash man want?

All the kids had a good time, and it was very sweet to watch them all interact. Adam is big on hugging everyone as they showed up, and while we were out in the yard, kids were reaching for each other's hands, holding hands with Joanna our tour guide, or holding hands with moms who didn't belong to them. I feel like you hear a lot in the media about "mommy wars" and women being nasty to each other for their parenting choices, but I feel very fortunate about all of the other women and families we have in our lives - people who read to my kids, who squeeze them up in big hugs and hold their hands, who cheer and give high fives for Adam's Super Mario underpants and who help take care of the herd of little monsters we've all created.

Our other big fun this week was celebrating Gigi's 60th birthday with her, and bonus Auntie Lisa.

I'm sad that I forgot to bring all 60 candles over to help set her cake on fire, but thankfully, we still had the sexy man available.

They also did some good pre-dinner selfie time. And Ellie took many pictures of Gigi and Lisa together, none of which included Gigi's entire head.

Bonus photo of Ellie and Brownie. Recently she asked me why it is that the cats don't ever bite me or run away from me like they do with her and I tried telling her "well, they don't bite me because I'm their mommy and they're a little scared, because they know I mean business," because I didn't want to have to tell her "look kid, the cats don't really like you. They love me, and they barely tolerate you." Thor has definitely warmed up to her as time goes on, but when Adam comes in the room, he smartly makes himself scarce. Adam, still working on his gentle hands.

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