Monday, March 21, 2016


This weekend we got invited down to San Diego County for the first annual Smyth Family BrewHaha, and celebration of cousin Marty's 60th birthday. It had been sort of a tough week, and a long Saturday morning - the kids are not their best selves right now, and I am SUPER not my best self when I have two hot garbage fires arguing with me and whining at me all day long while my mom is out of town and my boyfriend is working overtime, to say the least.

Also, it took me two hours and a half hours to drive what should have been an hour or so trip - long story, but we took the long route to avoid bad traffic, and then an even longer route thanks to the GPS. Poor Sara was in the car with me (we made Tim and Jake drive with the kids) and when we arrived, Tim asked her how the drive was and she goes "well, Meg threatened to drive off of a cliff a bunch of times." I'm such a comforting big sister.

The good news is that the kids weren't too terrible on the drive, and when they arrived, they found a herd of corgis just looking to be loved on. Ellie immediately told the owner of said corgis "it's okay, I've been a dog trainer since I was three years old," and then spent the rest of the night walking the various dogs on leashes, throwing balls, and generally squealing at the antics of her short legged friends. There was a great spread of corned beef and cabbage and plenty of delicious home brewed beer, and absolutely fantastic company. The funniest part of the night was when they brought out Marty's 60th birthday cake. They went to put it down on an ottoman in front of him, and Adam tried to jump onto the ottoman and end up under the cake, and then when Marty went to blow out the candles, Adam leaned away from Mimi's restraints and nearly started his hair on fire, helpfully blowing the candles out for Marty. I told Marty he could come down on Friday and blow out Adam's candles - that would show him! The two of them are such funny little muffins

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