Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patricks

In case you did not know, St. Patrick's Day is now an insane holiday for children. THANKS A LOT, PINTREST. Kids are encouraged to set leprechaun traps, and then parents who love their children do a lot of crap after they go to bed, making it seem like the leprechaun visited, escaped the trap, left a lot of mischief and mess in his wake, and then of course, left presents for the kids. Because what's a holiday now if your kids don't get a bunch of gifts? I don't believe in making a mess for myself to clean up later for entertainment purposes/I don't love my kids, so nothing of the sort happened here.

But Ellie did make a leprechaun trap for school. Tim and I are terrible people, because when we were talking about it, he suggested we build a pit and put spikes in the bottom, like we were in 'Nam. I suggested getting a mouse trap, disabling it and then gluing some pennies down to entice leprechauns. We are not interested in any sort of catch and release program, apparently.

Instead, this is what we went with.

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