Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Today feels like a big day around here. This morning I toured the preschool where we'll be sending Adam in the fall, and dropped off my registration check and paperwork. It's happening! He'll be going a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.

Meanwhile, I'm filling out paperwork and requesting immunization forms so that Ellie can get registered for kindergarten in a few weeks. Do you see it? Do you see that light at the end of the tunnel? Come September, I will have a few hours to myself, a few days a week, without having to beg, borrow or steal babysitting from any of our wonderful parents. IT WILL JUST BE A THING THAT HAPPENS. Cannot wait! I think it'll be a great thing for everyone involved (mostly me.)

Then I had Ellie's parent-teacher conference, and her teacher had many good things to say about her, as a student, as a little friend to her classmates, and as a little lady. She knows the things she needs to know, she has the skills she needs to have. and her teacher thinks she's going to do great next year in kinder.

After I picked Beans up, we headed over to the mall to meet Mimi and Adam, who had been shopping and playing at the little play ground. We had a delicious lunch at Ruby's, with celebratory milkshakes for Elle's good "report card," and then it was off to meet the Easter Bunny. Adam had actually already said hello to him during the morning, and promised to come back to Ellie. So, I'm sorry to report, no one cried.

Please enjoy Lounge Lizard and Bootsy the Unabomber.

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