Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm So Excited...

...about Adam's birthday that I could puke. 

Wait, no. Not me, Ellie. And not excited, but having the stomach flu. Way to be the mean big sibling and submarine your brother's birthday, Elizabeth Beans! Poor thing - she came into our room just after midnight last night covered in puke and sobbing. We got her cleaned up and put back in bed, and then Tim and I laid there and wondered if it was a one time upset stomach, or a busy day, or excitement, or food poisoning, because no one wants to admit that your kid has a stomach bug. Then just after we drifted off to sleep she threw up again, thus cementing all of our fears.

Much sobbing this morning because we had to cancel Adam's party, and because she missed her last day of school before spring break and didn't get to go to their Spring Fling and egg hunt, poor darling. She spent the early part of the morning curled up with me, and then after we opened presents (socks, underwear, books and trucks) we brought out Adam's new bike, and then Screamy and Barfy took to the streets (aka the back patio.) Everyone had some good cycling time, ate a decent lunch, and is now napping. So probably it's just a 24 hour bug and she's on the upswing - the only concern is whether or not the rest of us will catch it. 

In the mean time, we're making the most of having fun under quarantine. He really has taken to his bike quickly, though he doesn't quite understand how to turn all the way around. He gets the whole "turn the handlebars" part, but not "turn them so that you don't ram into the shed." If only we could keep our party plans and have Uncle Jake run a quick coaching session!

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