Friday, January 8, 2016

Slightly Better.

I think we're all going to live. Adam continues to be ready to go and sick of being cooped up. Tim is on the mend, ready to eat food and be out in the world. I slept probably 20 hours of the past 24, and woke up feeling capable of being out of bed for more than 45 minutes.

And thank goodness, Ellie's fever broke over night. We weren't sure if she'd make it to school today - she initially said that her stomach really hurt, but felt better after eating (I would bet she was just really hungry - she ate some yesterday, but not a full meal.) So, I decided that since she wasn't running a fever and felt up to it, we'd take her to school (because she started crying that she wanted to go after we'd told her that she was staying home.) We were about fifteen minutes late, but better late than never! I also figured it'd be good for her to get out and about, rather than laying on the couch and drowning in her own malaise all day. Her teacher said she was fine, and both kids were thrilled to go get bagels for lunch. 

Adam and I went out for a walk this morning and got our dose of fresh air. I'm back to putting all of the linens and towels through the wash for the second time this week. Mom reports that Dad is back at the gym, even after almost passing out from being so sick. His gym bunnies need to see his muscles in action, or they'll all end up week and sick, I guess. And Sara's at work. I'm hoping that we can have a calm, illness free weekend, and get a little bit back on track. And that no one else we know gets our gross diseases. It was very sweet though, how many of my local mom friends checked in with us, or offered to leave a meal at our door step, or Gatorade and crackers. It's wonderful to have a village, even if we sometimes use our village as a way to spread around pestilence. 

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