Sunday, January 17, 2016

Love and Marriage.

We had an absolutely amazing time last night! It's really been a fun weekend all around - Tim and the boys had a great bachelor party on Friday, drinking, go-karting, and ending with a show at the Irvine Improv. Yesterday morning some of our old EA friends came over for lunch and lots of chatting, and then after we got the kids settled with Gigi and Grizz and Sara, it was off to the venue!

We got there in plenty of time - the venue was not kidding when they said we couldn't come in until 5:30 - they had the gate actually locked as they were setting things up! I mean, it does make sense. Overall, the wedding coordinators were great, really professional and fun and on their toes. Tim and I lined up with the groomsmen, and a few minutes after six, we were ready to go!

I was really nervous going into it, despite talking myself up about the fact that we were doing this with our friends, who would understand if I stumbled over a word or two, and that no one was looking at me anyways. And also, that I was a professional and wasn't going to cry like an infant. And lo, it was great! Tim was fantastic, as always, doing the "repeat after me" parts, while I handled doing the introduction and the readings. Tim said it best - it felt like it was just the four of us up there, and while I didn't cry, I felt incredibly moved and honored to be sharing this moment with our beautiful friends.

The reception was fabulous - it was just one big dance party, which is just how I like it. People took to the dance floor before it was even open, and there were little kids break dancing, and all of us just having an amazing time. I split a seam in my dress dancing, one of the groomsmen busted his pants wide open, and another guy was dancing so hard that he sweat through his entire shirt. It. Was. Great. And from then, off to a bar for one last quick drink, and thanks to Saint Gigi, we got home, crawled into bed, and didn't have to deal with our kids until after we'd applied Advil and brunch to our hangovers.

The kids reported having a great sleep over - Ellie got to go and stay at Auntie Sara's apartment, and Adam slept in the fun cage in Sara's room at home. This morning they had "red chocolate pancakes" (not red velvet though, don't even suggest that they might be red velvet) and rode big wheels and went to the park. AND Tim has tomorrow off, so we can all continue to relax and recover.

My beautiful dates

Mmm... red chocolate pancakes

Beetle Bug Boy and his auntie

The stunning bride and groom. Married!

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