Friday, January 15, 2016

Going to the Chapel.

We've had a week free of cooties around here, so that's been pretty great! So nice to just go to sleep or wake up without having to medicate anyone or catch vomit in my hands or inside my shirt. 

We also got new rain boots this week, and it hasn't rained since. El Nino is probably over now, thanks to me. 

But here is Adam's reaction to when it was raining last week.

Our friends Ed and Erlynne are getting married tomorrow, and Tim and I are tag teaming to officiate their wedding. Tim has done one before, and I've been a both a bridesmaid and a groomslady and made a couple of toasts, but this is my first rodeo actually being up in front. I think it's going to be great - I love the readings they picked, and I can't wait to help pronounce them man and wife. Jake is also a groomsman, which is fun. They had the rehearsal last night and then dinner, and we had a great time meeting all of their friends, and spending time with our friends. Plus we ate and drank like kings! Ellie is absolutely thrilled that tomorrow night she gets to sleep over at Auntie's apartment while Adam sleeps over at Gigi's. She's already packed and ready to go. I am thrilled that we can stay out late and sleep in a bit, hopefully, because I plan to eat and drink like a pig but then dance like a madwoman. 

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