Saturday, January 2, 2016

No Pictures, Please!

No photos from today, because unless you like pictures of barf, we have nothing for you. Our poor kiddos. Ellie was complaining of an upset tummy today, but I figured it was because she housed a huge donut this morning, and because we've had a busy couple of days of eating and playing and maybe she just needed to do some pooping. So I went about my day, and went to the gym, and then had to come home when Tim announced she'd thrown up. And then during his nap, Adam woke up and puked all over his brand new quilt from Grandma Rosie (I will spank him once he's well, Grams. How dare he!) And then, much barfing through the rest of the afternoon, and the evening ended with me arguing with Adam that yes, he had to go to sleep, and no, he couldn't have any more to eat (I did give him some toast and some water. BREAD AND WATER ONLY, NOW GO TO SLEEP IN YOUR BABY CAGE!)

I'm hoping they feel better in the morning, and that it's not too gruesome over night. The good news is that Tim and I are a very highly trained barf cleaning team, and our washer and dryer do a good job of trying to keep up with all of the sheets and towels (and stuffed animals. Sorry Lamby and Smelly!)

Other than that, we've had a nice 2016 so far. We rang in the New Year with many of the same friends as last year, though this year they put up a small bounce house in the garage and hired a babysitter to help wrangle the dozen or so kids age two to five (the littler ones were in the play room, not having a rave with the big kids.) The whole group turned it out when it came to bringing appetizers and desserts to share, and Nicole and Mike had a big pan of ziti and salad for anyone who wasn't already stuffed, and plenty of booze drinks.

Also, friends brought Pie Face, which Ellie absolutely LOVED. She said it made it the best party ever, because she "won" by getting whipped cream in the face every turn.

We got home around 10, and then the next morning rejoined the same group of folks for college playoffs and a chili cook off. My super spicy buffalo turkey chili took the title, and we sat around and drank and talked and continued to eat ourselves sick all day, while the kids played outside and then watched a movie. So basically, other than all of the vomiting and then weeping about vomiting, it's been a good year so far.

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