Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Child Bride.

Both Tim and Ellie had Monday off, so we got to continue with our fun into a third day of the weekend. We even got to see the newlyweds, who were looking to offload some leftover wedding cake before they headed out for their honeymoon. Cake is my love language, and so we were happy to stop by and help. Ellie was even happier when Erl told her she could take some of the bridesmaid bouquets home. She immediately changed and insisted on making Adam play wedding with her.

And then she tried to negotiate with me on how old she needs to be to get married. She started at 16, and finally agreed that she wouldn't get married until she finishes college. Sorry kid, your mom and grandmas might have been child brides (some more than others!) but everyone had their undergraduate degrees. 

Having a little dance with her handsome prince. He also got his own bouquet but was pretty much disinterested the second we got home. 

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