Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not So Fine.

Dear 2016, go scratch!

Yesterday morning Tim made it to the gym before work, and then turned around and came home because his stomach was in awful knots. He spent the day mostly in bed, and we found out that Gigi and Grizz had also taken to bed with the full blown flu.

The kids and I did our best with our normal routine, and Ellie had an amazing time at her first session of tap and jazz class. She's doing it with Lexi at the community center, and unlike when we tried right before she turned three, this time she was completely gung ho about it. And a couple of her classmates from TK are also attending, so that's cool.

After we got home and had supper, the wheels pretty much came off. Ellie was sitting under a blanket, shivering and crying about being cold. I snuggled up with her and as we watched the Lion King, her discomfort turned into a full blown fever, close to 102. I put her to bed, and then thinking over her symptoms, realized we might be dealing with a UTI. At 9:30, I loaded her up in the pouring rain and took her to an urgent care (after texting a bit with a sweet friend whose daughter has also had some bad UTIs - they are actually fairly common in little girls, because they are not the best at wiping and so things happen.) The urgent care people were incredibly professional and kind, and Ellie was actually kind of thrilled to be on an adventure. On the way there she goes "I'm going to get to pee in a cup! That's going to be so great!" Whatever floats your boat, kid.

She has a full blown bladder infection. As I was listening to the doctor's recommendation, I started feeling kind of hot and clammy. Ellie and I got outside, and I promptly threw up into the gutter in front of the urgent care facility. That was particularly horrifying for Ellie. I got home, tucked her back in, and told Tim he had to get up and go pick up the meds. And then I slept for 12 hours, more or less.

So today Tim is fine, Adam is good and great and absolutely raring to go. I feel like garbage, and poor Ellie continues to run a pretty high fever. I talked to her doc, and if she's not feeling better in the morning, we may have to go back to urgent care to get a more aggressive antibiotic. I am desperately hoping that doesn't happen, mostly because it's heartbreaking to see her so pink cheeked and hot and unhappy. And because we've already had the stomach bug! Why can't we at least go a few weeks without everyone being sick?

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