Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moving Parts.

Becca and Benjamin arrived in town this week for a little visit before she goes back to work from her maternity leave, and it has been an absolute mad house around here. The kids LOVE Benjamin, who is the sweetest little four month old, and they fight over who gets to hold him. We've had several discussions about Benjy is a person and not a toy, and we have to take turns. He came with me to pick Ellie up at school today and she about damn lost her mind.

It's insane though. I keep saying, it's a lot of moving part. Initially, seeing Adam snuggling the baby made me feel sort of bad that he'll never get a chance to be a big brother, but the total insanity makes me convinced that we made the right choice at stopping at two... AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF BENJAMIN! Becca is the one doing all of all that! It's just nuts - I bow down to women who have more than two.

It doesn't help that poor Adam is fighting off a cold and a total mess. Yesterday he slept for an hour in my arms, which hasn't happened in probably over a year.

On Sunday night when he was running a fever and flowing out snot, I thought to myself, surely the fact that both kids are exhausted will mean that Adam would fall asleep okay on the mattress we put on the floor of Ellie's bedroom. INCORRECT. They were awake and racing around until 11pm. This is why Adam sleeps in a cage at night. The good news is that I borrowed a pack and play from a friend and last night he slept in our room, and slept pretty well.

In the meanwhile, we just enjoy our Benjamin Button (and hope he doesn't catch a cold.)

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