Sunday, November 22, 2015

We Run the City 2015.

You know what they say about the family that races together!

We had a really nice morning, despite being at USC. We had to wake the kids up to start the day, which is always a bummer, but we grabbed bagels on the drive up and they were pretty content with it all. We got there and they played with some of the little kid activities, and then Ellie and I went and grabbed a spot in front of the stage when Auntie Sara and a bunch of the other Hawks were leading the pre-race stretching. The event actually sold out, which was great, and Special Olympics beat their fundraising goal! Thanks to all of our generous friends, we raised $1000 for SOSC today!

The Bad News Bruins started at the VERY back of the pack - our friend Andrew and his son Hal were running with us, so we kept our giant strollers away from the ankles of the serious runners. I figured that Tim and I would just walk the course together, but Andrew (who is a serious athlete) started jogging, and then we started jogging, and so I ran the whole thing. Tim, who hasn't run since early college, trolled me by walking, and then jogging to keep up with me, and then when he got close he'd start walking and I'd look back and think "dammit, am I really running so slowly that he can just WALK and keep up?" Thankfully, he got tired out and I dropped him during the last mile, which makes me feel slightly better about the fact that he can eat whatever he wants and never gains weight.

Jake didn't know if he'd be in town for the race so didn't run it, but he came and cheered us on, and jumped in and out to jog with us, which Ellie thought was hilarious. She and Adam also spent portions of the race chanting "go Bruins!" and when people looked back at me, I'd say "yeah, I made my own cheerleaders." They were so cute. Ellie asked about the people in red shirts and I said that today, and today only, we'd like them because they were helping Special Olympics, and Ellie said "well, I like Special Olympics best of all."

After most of the 5K runners were through, they got the kids lined up for a fun run. In typical fashion, Adam tried to take off before the actual gun, and then when the race started, he didn't want to do it any more. Ellie was stoked and ready to go, but within a few steps, she got a shoe blown off by another kid. There was much weeping about it, and she told Jake "I don't want to be last!" So I ran the course with her (taking a short cut) and she came over the finish line feeling good, and was so proud of getting her very own medal. All in all, a successful day in athletics and charitable endeavors.

The best part is that then we got to drive to Yorba Linda and drop off the kids! Ellie doesn't have school at all this week, so perhaps they can just move into Mimi and Poppy's house!

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