Monday, November 2, 2015


Another weekend full of friends! We had the Blizzard trick or treat event, followed by impromptu pizza with the neighbors, a Halloween birthday party, lots of trick or treating, and then a Sunday Funday football party on the docket this past weekend. I went to bed last night feeling so grateful for all of our fantastic friends. 

Our Halloween crew was a half dozen families and approximately six million small children, or so it felt. 

Three of the families live in the same neighborhood, and there is a street that goes all out with candy, cotton candy, a popcorn machine, bottled waters, and even beer and wine top offs for the grown ups! The kids were so excited to trick or treat, and most of them walked the entire two mile trip. Adam did a lot of it without his shoes on, and did the entire thing sans costume. He asked once for his fire fighter outfit, but the second I put it on, he demanded I take it off. I asked if he wanted to put on his football shirt, he also did not want to do that. Thankfully, everyone was nice about it and understood that sometimes two year olds have problems. He was so excited about it all - after each house he'd run to the end of the driveway and proudly hold open his bag and show me his treasures. 

I asked Ellie to smile so I could send a picture to Mimi. She looked like this:
Nice, kid.

Adam's got cotton candy all over his face. He's not a vampire (yet)

On Friday for the Blizzard trick or treat, I dressed as my Overwatch alter ego.
NAILED IT. People keep asking if Tim asked to have me put in the game, and the truth is, I've probably never met the artist who designed Zarya. I'm just a classic beauty, I guess. And yes, putting lipstick on my forehead did immediately make me break out like a teenager. The good news is that the purple hair dye washed out pretty easily, when I made Tim spray me at the kitchen sink. Teamwork! 

Ellie's favorite part was the sherbert. 

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