Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Bruins.

Ugh, both of my favorite teams lost this weekend. TIME FOR A BLEACH AND TONIC. The good news is that we got to watch the UCLA game with Pari and James and their kids. And not only that, but when we arrived, Parissa saw Ellie's dress and said Mila had the same dress. And since Mila was still in her jammies, Ellie helped her pick out her outfit!

Sorry to Pari that she had to do all the extra laundry - Ellie's outfits are never simple!

The kids had a great time, but by the end of the afternoon, Adam was so tired that she said "my nap!" and climbed into Rahim's crib. Needless to say, they both sacked out pretty much immediately in the car and were snoring in tandem at one point.

Yesterday we had a movie party with our friends, which was also awesome. Nine kids sitting on a couple of beach towels in Sara Jo's living room while the parents ate and drank and talked smack in the kitchen and family room. It sure was a good weekend for family and friends!

Not a good weekend for crafting, however. While we were putting up our tree I admired all of the ornaments that my grandmas made, and my great grandma, and my mom and Lisa and thought, man, I could make a thing. I could do a craft.

Behold, it's a butterfly. And if you're mean to me, I'll make one for you.

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