Monday, November 16, 2015

Home Again!

Despite the very delicious smell of sweet, newborn baby, I was able to tear myself away from my new baby-love Benjamin Button and return home to Orange County on Saturday. Tim did a great job as the stay at home dad - the kids probably like him the best by A LOT more now. They got to go to the science center and the petting zoo, along with having a movie night and watching the Lego movie. However, when asked if he wanted to be the stay at home parent, Tim replied "Once Adam is 5, sure. Two year olds are tough. They are full of bad ideas and they don't hesitate to execute them, then they get real made when you say no." Story of my life! For instance, today I caught Adam trying to play with all of the little doo dads on my dresser and told him no (this after he hid a ring from me yesterday, which was inconvenient.) He cried and said I was not being nice, so I told him he could take the little photos of himself and Ellie and go play with them. He immediately grabbed all four, went to Ellie's room and threw them to the floor while jumping on the bed.

On the flip side, Benjy doesn't sleep through the night and basically cries when he's awake and not eating, but we did some real quality snuggling.

Becca even let me parade around Target with him in the Moby wrap, which is my favorite thing ever. And I did some Moby wearing around the house so that she could nap or get stuff done. I love a snuggly baby. Becca is of course, the sweetest mom, and patient and awesome with him. I was so glad to be able to come by and help, holding babies, petting cats, making dinner, pushing the cart at Target. The whole shebang. And I convinced Brian to try out the Moby wrap! Yards of fabric for everyone!

We used Rocky Raccoon as the stunt baby for Brian's initial Moby lesson. Everyone loves Rocky!

I also got a lot of reading done, which makes me happy. It also makes me incredibly happy to see how close Ellie is to figuring out how to read. She's starting to sound out her letters and get through small words, and she recognizes a lot more words out and about. She asks me how to spell things, or will see a word and ask me what it is. To me, there's nothing more wonderful than a good book, and I absolutely cannot wait for her to have the ability to read for pleasure. Since Tim has already shown her how to play Mario Brothers.

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