Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Farewell, Muffins!

Tim had a very successful Blizzcon. This is his first time going as more than a regular employee. He's INTERNET FAMOUS NOW!

This is a good, fairly brief interview (compared to the hour and a half engineering team interview that he did that day.) He's the smartest and the prettiest! The game was well received and all press has been positive thus far. So, good job Team Four!

As for Team Ford, I suckered Don and Jake into coming over for dinner on Saturday night so that the kids and I would have some company, since everyone else was away or busy. Jake is a single man again, which is sad for him, but wonderful for the kids because they have been just LOVING all of the time with their uncle. It does my heart good to see it. They have taken to calling him Jakey, and the other night Adam went and hid behind the time out chair and yelled "here I am Jakey, come find me!" Tim managed to join us before dinner was over, and then I immediately tarted up and peaced out for a bachelorette party. Stayed out past 1am, and stayed sober enough to drive myself home from the party bus!

It's been a long couple of weeks though. Tim's understandably been working a lot, and the kids are just insane. Adam is in full on two year old mode and has learned the art of back talk. It is unbelievably frustrating times to feel like everything I say is received with whining or an argument back. I am not running a debate team, you little jerks! I am trying to keep you alive and raise you to be decent human beings! I am so thankful to leave for Chicago in a few hours to meet Benjamin and love on Becca (and Brian.) I am actually looking forward to getting up and helping with middle of the night feedings. Sure, the baby may cry, but he's not going to chuck a block at my head, or slam his thirty pound body onto a sensitive part of my body, or scream in my face when I tell him that he can't eat yet another piece of Halloween candy. Tim is taking the rest of the week off work and has nothing planned, so good luck to him! I did make sure that we have groceries and diapers, so hopefully he can avoid the fun of trying to herd both kids through the store. And tomorrow Ellie has no school, so they can perhaps go on a larger adventure. The biggest adventure for me is realizing that I own noise canceling headphones, and I can wear them on the plane because I'm not in charge of anyone other than myself! Here I come, airport gin and tonic!

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