Friday, November 6, 2015

Brown Eyed Girl

School pictures came back today - is there anything sweeter than this face? I adore her so. And I'm glad she didn't take the opportunity to look like a nut.

Today feels like an especially nutty day. Tim is off to Blizzcon, to talk about Overwatch and be an all around important guy. Ellie had her jog-a-thon at school, which meant all of the TK kids were "early birds." Thankfully, we didn't have any more trouble parking and getting to school than usual. Just the regular frustrations of trying to herd two cats over to the entrance. Adam has been bringing his trash grabber along and insisting on stopping every four feet to move some leaves around. Note to self: trash grabber not allowed at drop off any longer.

Then I was off to our MOPS boutique, which is our big fundraiser of the year. There's a bunch of vendors, a bake sale and silent auction stuff. I helped write the silent auction descriptions this week, and as I was doing it I thought "why did I volunteer for this? I just now remember that I hated doing these for the gala when I was working." Still, it was a fun, crazy morning. I ate a cupcake for breakfast, I wore a Santa hat to sell raffle tickets, and Adam was so happy to go to the nursery today. He said "I go to my MOPS! I see my fwends!" Vast improvement over me dropping him off while he sobs.

Now I am ready for a nap! But I wish I had more cupcakes.

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