Saturday, November 21, 2015

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A year or so ago, when Ellie was whining about wanting to watch things about Frozen, stumbled upon the Nerdy Nummies channel on YouTube

And a love affair was born. Ellie loves her cooking videos, and honestly, there's a lot to love about Ro. Her channel is really cute and funny, and VERY creative. Plus, we love nerds in this house. When I heard that Ro was releasing a cook book and going on a book tour, I found the date in Orange County and lo, it worked out that Ellie could attend!

Tim and Elles drove up to the Barnes & Noble in Orange today to buy their copy of the book and get their wrist band, since it was a timed entry event. All of the books were pre-signed when they got there, but they got a chance to actually met and greet with Ro.

Tim says Ellie walked right up and said, unprompted and uncoached "I love watching your show. I'm so happy to meet you!" She and Ro had A Moment, and when she got home she was so excited to show me the cook book and the recipes that she wants to make. I'm so glad that she had a fun afternoon and got to meet her favorite celebrity. And the cook book is really great! Beautiful pictures, good instructions, and lots of fun things to make. You know, if my decorating skills weren't henious.

The other funny cooking item today was that I tried to make a lemon budino, so I busted out my beastmaster stand mixer to whip egg whites. Ellie came into the kitchen and you would have thought that the mixer was a puppy - she was SO excited to find that we own one, though she did request I go buy her her own in blue (not happening! Get a job or go get married like a normal person! That's how one acquires such an expensive item!)

The budino didn't really turn out the way I'd hoped, but Ellie was thrilled to learn that we could also use the stand mixer to make our own whipped cream. And since the lemons came from my own tree outside, it was a straight up farm to table artisan hippie dessert! If I made it in a restaurant, I could charge $17!

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