Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goodbye Big Blue.

Day two of school also went well! We got there on time (though we had to hustle a little - trying to figure out what time to leave to get parked and walk over to the school versus being there too early with nothing to do and two kids to mind is going to be an art form, I think) and Ellie had a good day. She wore her sequined skirt over her pants, letting everyone know that it's day two, time to show her crazy.

The other big development now that Ellie's in school every day, is that I gave away our double stroller. I know! Seems like crazy talk, but the truth is that we rarely take it out in public because it's so big and unwieldy and at the mall or wandering around, both kids usually want to walk. And walking's good for them! The park is close enough that Ellie could walk most of the way (and ride on the foot rest of the single stroller if she needs to) and if we really go out to make a big day of something (like if I ever decide I hate myself and want to go to Disneyland) we could always borrow from a friend.

You've been a good friend, double stroller. Thanks for hundreds of good miles!

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