Friday, September 18, 2015

Big Truck!

This year I'm on the leadership team for our MOPS group, in charge of fellowship. Which basically means planning play dates every other Friday, with the help of the rest of the team. I missed the summer retreat, but the group decided it would be fun to go tour a firehouse. A thing I did not know: you can just email the OC Fire Department's PR person and set up a time to tour a local firehouse for free! It was so fun, and the fire fighters were so great. We had about fifteen small kids (four and under) who were just in love with the fire truck, and seeing the fire fighter get in his gear. Adam was initially a little scared of it, and then LOVED getting a chance to drive the truck.

Tomorrow his mind is going to be totally blown by a friend's birthday party at WASTE MANAGEMENT! I am thinking about dressing him as the garbage man for Halloween because he loves them so.

Lisa and Greg and Mike and Patty are in town, staying at mom and dad's house, which has been really nice. So fun to see them and hang out with them, for me and especially for Sara, and then Mike has been doing a bunch of work taking care of the pool, and Lisa has swept everywhere (except for the one time that Adam helpfully dumped out the dust bin.) Definitely takes a load off of my shoulders, and makes us all miss Gigi and Grizz less. Hooray for Gigi Lisa!

Last night though, everyone else (including Tim) had dinner plans, and I have grown weary of fighting with the kids about their table manners, or the fact that they have to eat some dinner so that they don't starve to death and get me thrown in the clink, so instead I went and picked up some sandwiches and we had PICNIC DINNER, aka: go run around the park and eat a sandwich while you do it, and feel free to act like a wild animal, because I'm hoping a pack of wild dogs will either adopt you or eat you, beloved children of mine. But they had a good time, and I got to sit on a park bench and relax, and then it was a quick shower and a lot of stories before bed. It's like I like them!

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