Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Everyone Vacations! (except Tim.)

Today's Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. Gigi and Grizz are safely in Vienna, and we got to skype with them and take a tour of their hotel, so fun! Sara got back from camp this weekend, tired and happy, after having an amazing time. And she even survived work yesterday, though today is taking it easy, aside from having to clean the house.

And I spent the weekend in Chicago, celebrating Becca and her upcoming baby. Her friends are so great - there were five of us handling the shower, and also five pregnant girls wandering around in varying degrees of beautiful fatness. It was a nice little get away, even if we spent most of our time at Target, picking up maternity and post partum supplies, along with all of the other garbage that simply must be purchased at Target. It was also SO NICE to be someplace where the weather is actually cool and crisp, because despite the rain we got last night, it's going back to 90 degrees later this week (kill me.)

Shower hostesses and our guest of honor

A bump train!

And this week Lisa and Greg and Mike and Patty arrive. It's nice to have so many distractions while Gigi and Grizz are away. Except for poor Tim, who gets stuck with taking care of everything while all of the other adults are gone. Good thing he's the kindest and the most patient!

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