Saturday, September 26, 2015


When I went to the parents orientation night, they talked about how they have spirit Fridays where you wear school colors, and participating classrooms can win a prize. So I decided to get some school spirit and support the PTA by buying a school shirt. Brought it home and showed it to Ellie, who refused to put it on and SOBBED about how it was NOT PRETTY and she was NEVER going to wear it. I tried a few weeks in a row to get her to try it on and no dice. I showed her other kids who were wearing their shirts on Fridays, but she did not care. So I asked how we could fix it up to make it prettier, and she decided that cutting the sleeves off and applying some ribbon, and using some puffy paint might make it better. Wednesday night I busted out my scissors and my sewing machine and went to town.

AND LO, SHE LOVED IT. I was pleased with being able to get my sewing machine threaded and functioning for the first time, even if the sleeves could have been done better. Ellie loved all of the gold puffy paint - on the back I outlined the lion paw and put a heart in the middle of the palm.

Not to be outdone, here is our little bunny man. He initially cried about being offered Ellie's old bunny vest, but then once she tried it on, he wanted to wear it. Hopped around the bedroom for awhile, but it's so hot and sweaty out (and probably will be all year) that we decided to send it to Olivia, who will probably get more wears out of it. And sharing is caring! Plus he still wants to be the big truck man for Halloween.

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