Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just a few photos.

This week is so hot that I want to die. And I want to do so by sitting on the couch and eating ice cream while the AC blasts on me until I just go into some sort of diabetic coma and drift off to heaven. It's miserable. I mean, our house is fine because our AC works great, and being in a single story house means that all of the rooms stay almost equally cool.

Plus Gigi and Grizz abandoned us to go gallivant around the Continent, and today we had to drop Sara off for camp, so it's hot AND lonely. As we were pulling away from dropping off Sara, Ellie says "what are we going to do without Sara or Grizz or Gigi?" Even she knows that I'm not a fit parent when left to my own devices!

To beat the heat today, we went to Petsmart and looked at all of the animals and then went to Barnes and Noble. Read some books, bought some books, built some great towers. It was so nice to be in the air conditioning, having fun.

We also baked some cookies, because the first meeting of MOPS is tomorrow!

Did you know that alligators love to go jogging? (thanks Uncle Bennett!)

Ellie doing some tree climbing on the way into school this morning. She's still loving it!

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