Monday, August 31, 2015

Day One.

It's happened! Our little baby is a school girl! Everything went well this morning - we got up on time, had a nice breakfast and she got dressed in her new outfit from Mimi. I wore my workout clothes, because I am forever a slob. Tim came with us for the drop off - today is one of the few days that all of the kids start at the same time, so we had to park a bit off in the neighborhood and walk over, but no problem there. She was absolutely happy as a clam. We met a few friends before class (including the other Ellie) and then everyone lined up and headed in!

The first day was only an hour and a half, just to get the little friends ready for real school. It's a pretty diverse cast of tiny characters - some English learners, some kids who have never been in school before, but at pick up Mrs. G reported that there was no crying. And in case you were wondering, no crying on my end. I love that kid, but it's good for her to have her own thing, and for me to have a little time with my second little nutball. And then we got to go have coffee and hang out with the neighbors, so a good day thus far! Plus Gigi and Grizz are back from their sailing trip and hopefully ready to swim.

Super cheese face!

Okay mom, bye, please leave!

Both cute friends!

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