Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trip Prep.

We leave in a few days for the wonderful wilds of Wisconsin, and of course, this week is absolutely insane. Thanks to St. Gigi, Tim and I were able to get away on Saturday night. Stayed in a hotel, slept in until 10, attempted to go see a concert but got too tired and old and went back for more bathrobe and sleep time, and then came home in time to get our stuff together to host the new neighbors for dinner. The husband just transferred to work at Tim's company, the wife quit her job to stay home, and their kids are roughly the same age as mine. And they were great fun, so big thumbs up!

Today we have to take the cats and check them in at the vet, which breaks my heart. They're closed on Wednesday, so today it is. Just sucks because Thor cries like he's being murdered, and I'm always terrified that the cats think they're being abandoned. The good news is that the new neighbor was a vet in her former life, and so I'm hoping if we become besties, she will come over and shoot up Wilford Brimley for me.

Last night we were out with all of the Fockers for Jake and my combined birthdays, having a really lovely dinner. Tomorrow night, off to Yorba Linda for a pool party, because it's the only night that we are in town while Steve is also in town. We know how to pack in the fun before a 5am wake up call and plane ride.

My only hope is that I can hold off on having the kids help me pack until the very last minute.

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