Friday, August 21, 2015


I apologize to Uncle Barry for the lack of blogging updates this month. The good news is that we're mostly back in our groove this week, just in time for life to totally change when Ellie starts transitional kindergarten on the 31st (TK is through the school district for kids who have birthday between September 1st and December 1st. Ellie will not be going to her home school this year, but will next year.) She'll be going mornings five days a week - I am even considering selling my double stroller, as I won't have to run with two giant children any more!

Anyhow. Adam has had probably the hardest time with the jet lag. Both kids have been waking up on the early side all week, and his naps have been hit or miss. Tuesday, he passed out in the stroller before lunch:

I call this Jet Lag, with Pine Cones. He was so tired that I dumped in his bed and he slept for two more hours, then gobbled a lunch and a half.

Because she's starting school soon, Ellie got to sleep over at Gigi and Grizz's house on Wednesday night, and in the morning she and Grizz made pumpkin pancakes with real maple syrup from Wild Bill Anderson! And then Adam and I came over for swimming time and lunch:
The pool has been just about the perfect temp this week, which means the season will end any minute, though I'm sure the kids will beg to go in when it's too cold for an adult to hang.

Speaking of temperature problems, today Ellie whined at me when I told her that she couldn't wear long sleeves to school. I sent her back to pick out an outfit and decided not to fight her when she came out dressed like this:
At least the tank top will let her armpits breathe when she starts sweating to death

The big fun of the week has been this:
They repaved our street and a couple more around us. Adam woke up on Thursday morning and raced outside to see the caravan of big trucks. Please note the neighbor boys also having a good hang out.

This weekend we have another wedding to attend, and Mimi and Poppy have so generously volunteered to keep the kids over night for us! I cannot wait - I'm bummed that I've missed dancing with Tim at recent weddings, and so I hope we can tear the place up! Nothing better than when Tim does some moon walking!

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