Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nothing is Finished, Everything's a Mess!

Well so, not much happened in the bathroom today, but they cut a giant hole in my hallway and I feel like this entire house is covered in dirt, and since there are doors open throughout the house throughout the day, there's bugs in here by the evening. GROSS. Everything is gross.

But my closet looks like this, all framed and drywalled:

Ellie's new closet looks like this:
They are going to take out the shelves and little curtain, but they can stay for now. As you can also see, we are taking her room down from double doors to a single door. We NEVER have both doors open, and I feel like it'll give her a few feet of extra space and make it feel more like a bedroom and less like an office.

She's thrilled because there's currently no door, so she expects the cats to come sleep with her. It should be an interesting night, because Lulu loves her some princess blanket.

Today was Auntie Sara's birthday, and Grandma Rosie arrived in town. We were able to pick the latter up at the airport, and have a nice dinner with the family tonight. Dinner AND dance party. The full shebang. Ellie is working Grandma Rosie like a show pony when it comes to play time. She announced that she wanted to play "little girl" and when Grandma Rosie agreed, Ellie goes "okay, so you're the little girl. You're three. I'm the mommy, and I'm sixteen." I quickly put a shut down on that. I told her that if she wanted to be the mommy, she needed to be 25.

She's already a pretty sweet big sister, and I'm sure she'll be a good mommy someday. I actually hope she waits until she's closer to 30.

Happy Birthday Auntie Sara!

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