Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The cabinets and counters are in! And everyone loves them (including Adam.) I am starting to get really, really excited. A whole sink all to myself! I am going to brush my teeth so many times!

Also, I love the way Glen designed the counters. I know that most counters are higher than they were when our house was originally built and the majority enjoy that. But I am still only 5'4", and it makes it hard for me to lean in and gaze at my beautiful self in order to pluck my old lady wayward facial hairs and eliminate my young lady hideous zits. I am a treat! So the shorter part over the drawers is perfect for me.

I really love the sinks too.

So now we have a garage full of crap - the facets, the light fixtures, etc. No toilet yet. The guy was out today measuring for the shower and the mirror. And the crew was here demoing our closet.


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