Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Things continue apace in the bathroom. The sheetrock is in and has been mudded and sanded, and if it's all dry tomorrow they will texturize and perhaps slap a coat of primer on. I am thinking of painting the walls gray, but I'll see how it looks with some tile in. Apparently they put up chicken wire and cement for the actual shower part. Fascinating!

In the meanwhile, poor Gigi is down with another round of grossness stemming from Thor biting her. Hopefully this antibiotic will help her kick it permanently. Or I will kick Thor in his stupid head. He's the biggest idiot.

Today St. Mimi stepped in and offered to have the kids hang at her house all day. I dropped them off in the morning, was able to run some errands, go running outside without having to stop to deal with stroller-bound pests, and then hung out and waited for the appliance repair guy to show, since apparently neglecting to change the filter on our fridge burnt out the motor in our ice maker. Yet another thing I have to remember to change on the regular. Change the oil, rotate the tires, put new batteries in the smoke detector, change the filter in the fridge, wear clean underwear EVERY DAY... being an adult is the worst.

I picked the kids up after nap time, where they reported having a wonderful day with their grandparents, and Ellie in fact whined for me to go away and leave them all alone. Except I had to take her over to check on Gigi, and eat tacos for Taco Tuesday. While we were there, I was able to dig out my wedding veil and so she made Grizz dance with her and be her handsome prince. When Tim arrived, she decided that they were BOTH her handsome prince and needed to get in the carriage with her so that they could go back to her castle. When they weren't dancing, of course. She also told me very seriously that since Gigi was sick, we needed to pray for her. Then she went and held Gigi's hands and stared VERY seriously into her eyes. She's such a sweet little thing.

Meanwhile, Adam is talking more and more every day. I especially love how he says airplane and how he points out the moon in the sky. The other day I told him to go over and say hi to Rocky, and he climbed up on the couch and started saying "hi wocky! Hi wocky!" Today he said it to Petunia as well, which is funny because he understands that our cats each have their own name. Apparently every cat who lives at Gigi's is Wocky.

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