Thursday, January 15, 2015


Well, the sheetrock is up, mudded, textured and primed. It's starting to look like a room again, instead of a desolate hole. They start in the shower tomorrow and then on to tiling. The good news is that the hall bathroom is going to take a lot less time, though obviously this entire project is taking more than the two weeks that Glen initially mentioned. It's worth it though, and especially worth being able to stay in the house while it happens - he says that it would be quicker if we could do both bathrooms at once, but trying to stay in a hotel with two kids for a week plus? And the cats? No thank you. I'll just live in this filthy hellhole for a little bit longer. It's a good thing I find vacuuming soothing.

Shower pan, all hot mopped and now filthy again

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